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The place I really want to go is Stuttgart. Stuttgart is one of cities in Germany. It is the sixth largest city in Germany. Stuttgart located in West Germany. Why I choose Stuttgart? First, Because it’s an interesting place, I want to make new experiences, I want to learn the culture there, but my main reason is ,I want to continue my study in Stuttgart University. I want to take an Architecture department.

But if you want to go to Stuttgart I want to give you some good reasons of  “why you should go to Stuttgart”

So many interesting places to visit.
Karl Benz invented an automobile in Stuttgart, so if you want to know more about automobile, Stuttgart is the answer.
There are some huge festival in Stuttgart.
There are seven hundred shows to choose from every month in Stuttgart.

Some Interesting places you must visit in Stuttgart
Mercedes Benz Museum                
 Schloßplatz Stuttgart  
 The Sepulchral Chapel
 Wilhelma Zoological and Botanic Garden  
Killesberg Park and Tower

So, that’s all from me, see you in Stuttgart,  Auf Wiedersehen💞

Questions :

1. What is Stuttgart?
    a. a theme park in Germany
    b. a museum in Germany
    c. the name of TV shows in Germany
    d. festival's name in Germany
    e. one of cities name in Germany

2. "Why I choose Stuttgart? First, Because it’s an interesting place..."
What is the antonym for the underlined word?
     a. prefer
     b. refuse
     c. take
     d. decide on
     e. determine

3. How many shows to choose in Stuttgart?
     a. 5400 shows per year
     b. 600 shows per month
     c. 300 shows per week
     d. 7000 shows per month
     e. 700 shows per week

4. What is the synonym for "Interesting" ?
     a. ordinary
     b. repellent
     c. appealing
     d. tedious
     e. dull

5.  What place that isn't located in Stuttgart?
     a. Mercedes Benz Museum
     b. Killesberg Park and Tower
     c. The Sepulchral Chapel
     d. Schloßplatz Wiesbaden
     e. Wilhelma Zoological and Botanic Garden

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