Sunday, 18 September 2016

World Tournament Technofest

Hi guys! Today I’m gonna tell you my experience about World Tournament Technofest, it was held on 20th August 2016.  So I woke up at 5 am and I prepared everything that I’d need for that activity. At 6 am I went to hospital for check up. I went to school  at 9am. But my friends already gone from school, so I ask the committes and they said that my friends was in Tongkeng Park. So they drove me to Tongkeng Park. Before I got into the car, someone came and she introduce herself. She was in X MIPA 10. She told that she was in hospital too. So after they drove me to Tongkeng Park, the drove her to Photography Park. When I arrived in Tongkeng Park me and my friends went to Photography park and played a game. So the technical for the game was the committes said the instruction and then some of us had to do it. Example : “right hand to yellow” “left food to red”. My class won the game. Our competitor was XI MIPA 9. And then we moved back to the school. Oh ya, I forget to tell you that we need to solve the puzzles to know the places. So when we arrived to the school, we went to 11 class, and then there was a game. It was Play Station games, so my boy friends played it. After that we solve the other clues and we went to the front of new hall. The technical for the game was some of us had to answer the question and then took the lottery that would decide how many person that would make human chain to take a piece of puzzle in the pot. After that we went to the front field that usually used for Flag Ceremony. The game was to eat hot noodle(so much spicy powder) without drinking before we finish to eat that. Me and one of my friend did this game, and we won the game. After that we went to 11 class to watch a movie about technology and we had to tell the good message from that movie. After that we went to Bali Field and went to the “ bangsal” and than played Play Station again it was PES. So yeah, the boys played that. After that I had to go to some places to take care for gathering night with seniors. So, I guess that’s all, thankyou for reading. See you on my next post. Bye💞

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