Friday, 7 October 2016


So, hi guys!
now I'm gonna tell you my experience in Megantara. It was held on 10th September 2016
Before the event started, All 10th graders (non-committed) must joined like parade around the school. the girls used kebaya and the boys used pangsi. I was joined the parade. Yes, I wasn't the committee. The parade started at 7 a.m. On parading, we were formed a line and walked on left side of the road and shouted " Megantara Festival on 10th September hold in Bali Field the day is today"but of course in bahasa. I was walking next to Sabrina, but sadly, her feet got scuffed because of her shoes. We were accompanied with Committee Photograph division. They were taking pictures of us.The parade started for around an hour I guess. After that I went to takolada with my friend to wait until the gates open.

Open gate started at 11.35 and close at 15.30. In Megantara, I met many of my old friends, and also new friends because some of my old friends brought their friends and I wasn't know yet. There are stands of food and cultures. The event livened by band 3, cabaret 3, rampak gendang, our mayor of Bandung it's Ridwan Kamil, etc. there were also guest stars like The Changcuters and RAN. The event gone "crazier" when The Changcuters showed. But become "baper" when RAN showed. Yeah, the event was succeed. 

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