Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Dewa Athena 2017

Dewa Athena is a sport events that is also one of annual event in SMA 3 Bandung. In this event, grade X and XI will be competing in athletics competitions such as basketball, soccer, badminton, volley ball, dodge ball, marathon, and other sports.
 For the eleventh graders, this event will be held from 23rd to 24th March 2017,for the tenth graders, it will be held on 25th April and 1st April 2017, and the final game will be held on 8th April 2017. On the same day as the final, there’ll be another annual event that is called Paman Gober, an event where students from SMA 3 Bandung will be go cycling together.
The event was a fun one. On the first day of Dewa Athena for the tenth graders, my class, X Science 9, compete in a marathon againts Acceleration Class. Unfortunetly, we didn’t win againts them. Then we compete in soccer for the girls while some of our friends compete in badminton for the boys. Since the players for soccer are not so good at it, we lost but still the players had some fun. After the soccer game ended, one of my friend came to me and said that the boys won in the badminton game and we’re so happy about it.
The next one is dodgeball for boys and baminton for girls. The game of dodgeball was tense yet an amazing game. The boys played very well and they won the game quite easily. For the badminton game, my good friends, Desi and Qinthari won the match and we’re so happy to hear that and quite shocked because we didn’t expected they played well in the match.
 At the end of day one, our boys dodgeball and boys soccer team manage to win the match and we moved to the semifinals. But unfortunetly, we lost the boys badminton match since one of our players was injured at that time.
 On the second day, the boys dodgeball team played in the morning, so early that they only got a few supporters but still it doesn’t discourage them and they manage to bring X Science 9 to the finals. Then the girls badminton team also bring us happy news. They manage to go to the semifinals. Following the two happy news, our basketball team also go to the finals. But since it’s a match, there’ll be the one who win and who lose, right? So for us, unfortunetly, our girls dodgeball, volleyball, and tug of war team lost the match but it’s not a big deal. We still proud of our class.
 At the end, our girls badminton lost in the semifinals while our boys dodgeball and basketball earn the second place. That is my experience for Dewa Athena for the tenth graders.

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