Thursday, 1 June 2017

Crossword Puzzle

by Sabina Maritza


1. the expression of denial or rejection.
2. an insect of the superfamily Apoidea who produce honey.
3. the synonym of tired,drowsy, and languid.
4. of no special quality or interest, plain.
5. the recent thing ,purchase or production.
6. a container made from leather, cloth, paper, plastic that can be opened and closed.
7. a part of living things that reasons, thinks, wills, judges, etc.
8. un-contaminated or free from bad influence/matters.
9. the opposite of skinny.
10. object used for manual operation like hammer, saw, cutter,etc.
11. a small to medium sized omnivore mammals and used as the name of an America's television channel.
12. a place where you spend most of your time at school.
13. the expression of sorrow or unhappiness. 14. have almost the same meaning as dignity.

15. a round container that can be used to put staves with a flat bottom.
16. a large, soaring birds that belongs to the hawk family.
17. a visual inspection.
18. being in the early stage of life.
6. one of the vital part of a human body that used to think, control our actions, keeping our memories,etc.
19. to take up by bailing or scooping.
20. people who works as an animal doctor.
28. the past tense of hide.
10. a vehicle that used in land but has it own special route called railway.
21. a body part of an animal.
22. an expression to express motion or direction toward a point, person,etc. It's the opposite of from.
11. to move through the air using wings.
23. the starchy seeds or grain grow in grass.
24. a food made out of fruit and sugar, usually people put it in a jar.
25. the blue part of earth that provide salt.
26. a moveable objects usually used as an enterance.
27. the title for the ruler of a monarchy country.
14. a verb that can be replaced by choose or select.

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